Celebrating MilkWorks, 20 years later!

Your support continues to help us grow, just like the babies we see every day.

Celebrating MilkWorks, 20 years later! image

Your support continues to help us grow, just like the babies we see every day.

We are approaching our twentieth year as a community breastfeeding center. It's hard to believe that two decades, or a generation of babies, have passed through our doors. Our organization may look a little different today but our core mission is the same – creating a healthier community by helping mothers breastfeed their babies.

Our staff has worked tirelessly to uphold and represent that mission throughout the years, but our services are still needed, now more than ever. Yes, breastfeeding support in general is more accessible to families, and we are extraordinarily proud of our role in raising the breastfeeding rates in Nebraska since the 2001 Surgeon General’s Call to Action. As we’ve grown up though, so to have the difficulties families face in their breastfeeding journeys, from educating employers about the need for time to pump, to normalizing breastfeeding in public, and even how to end the breastfeeding relationship. And then in March 2020, a new problem for all families – the COVID-19 pandemic. MilkWorks knew that, more than ever, we needed to be here, in-person and virtually, for families. And we’ve done that!

To continue to do that means we are asking for your support. Our free services are critical for families during this pandemic, and we need your help to ensure families can access them when they need them. Our support groups have gone virtual so new mothers can have the the socialization and peer-support, while home isolated with a newborn, that they need for their mental health. Our weigh stations are still open so families can come in and weigh their baby in a safe, clean space, away from crowds. Our breastfeeding educators are still on-site to answer questions for a nervous new mom, picking out her first pump or to problem solve with a mother that cannot come in to see a specialist. We started a new program this year, The Breastfeeding Essentials Backpack Program, that gives Nebraska Medicaid families the breastfeeding supplies necessary to reach their goals at no cost. We'd like to make this program permanent as it has already proven to be helpful for those families.

We have one item on our 20th birthday wish list – please consider a donation to MilkWorks so we can continue to grow, just like the babies we see every day. We hope you will continue to follow our journey, and we cannot wait to show you just how much more MilkWorks has to offer!